Zone Based Teleportation

How to when a counter reaches a certain amount, it teleports everyone inside a specific zone to a place?

“Target Value Reached, Teleport Here”

But this will probably only work for the triggering player. A workaround is to put a zone covering the whole map and say:

“Target Value Reached, Activate Zone”

“Player Enters Zone, Teleport Here”

Then with a wire repeater with a delay of 1 second,

“Target Value Reached, Repeat Pulse”

“Something about Pulse, Deactivate Zone”

Make sure the zone starts deactivated.

But how would you do that for everyone in the zone?

Check the edit

or just use a relay to teleport everyone


A bit too late, but when entering the zone, either set a property to 1. When leaving the zone, set the property to 0. Now, for the juicy bit. Make a relay to everyone. Make a trigger receiving from the relay. In the blocks, it should check if the property the property is 1. If it is, it should broadcast on a channel that teleports the player there.