Zombie V Humans Creative Game Mode

I am currently making a Zombie v Humans mode like “Snowy Survival”. However, I have run into two issues;

  1. I have the teams set up to be that one person goes to Team 2 (Zombies) and the rest go to Team 1 (Humans). However, when the Humans “survive” and kill a Zombie are placed on the Zombie team, rather than remaining on the Human Team? Why?

  2. Is there still no work around to having Team 1 called “Humans” and Team 2 called “Zombies”? The only work around I have found is to change the color of the text for the players to be Red and Green. Red for Zombie and Green for Humans.

If you are aware of any other setting I will need to have please let me know, but most everything I have found on here that helped me get as far as I am. Thank you!

J. Burge

Hello @JBurge, did you put teleporters around the map?

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Yes, I have teleporters that take people to different rooms.

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So far I don’t think that naming teams is a feature, so no to the second question and let me see about the first question…