Zombie Tag [help needed asap]

How can I make a tagging system where at the start of the game, a person gets chosen to be the tagger. When they are released, every person that they will tag, will become a tagger. How can I accomplish this?

(You can use either wires or channels, I’m using channels to save memory)

Surprisingly this isn’t as simple as I thought, it requires a lot of devices and some block code.

First, get a game area, (I used the dungeon floors with water in the center.) and add a tag zone in zone for you tag area (Tag team: 2, When tagger tags player transmit on “SwitchPlayer”, and the rest is whatever you want it to),:

Next put spawn pads (Make sure that all but one is for team 1, the one is for team 2) where you want the players to spawn and a zone under all of them. (Zone settings: When player enters zone transmit on “Start infect” and deactivate when receiving on “Start infect”, you can activate it by using a channel on the teleporter. Place down a relay, Relay audience: random player, Relay when receiving on “Start infect”, and Relay channel “StartTagger”. Place down a team switcher, Switch strategy: Specific Team, Team: 2, and Switch to configured team when receiving on “StartTagger”. Get a property, name it “Tagger” or something, then make a trigger that has no collision, is activated by “StartTagger”, and has the block code:

Screenshot 2023-09-10 08.56.36

Get another team switcher, switch strategy: Specific team, team: 2, switch when receiving on “SwitchPlayer”.

(This next one is if you want all the players to know who the tagger is)

Get a popup, go to the block section, make receiving on channel “StartTagger” and make the block code like this:

Screenshot 2023-09-10 08.56.36

(This is if you want to trap you tagger a the beginning)

Make barriers around the team 2 spawner, make a trigger that has a delay of however long you want, and that is triggered on “StartTagger”.

for the start

Make a tag zone that’s for the entire map, for a specific team, the taggers.

Use a game start and a relay, make the relay random, then make it so they go onto that team.

Make it so they are trapped, and after receiving a channel, put it into a trigger to delay it, and make it transmit a channel to make them free.

Make it so when a player is tagged, switch them to tagger team.

Hopefully this helps!

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i pretty sure its easier than that, give me a sec

(talking to crimson)

nvm txme said what i was going to say

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That’s some fast typing… (or did you just already have it…?)

No, I just saw this topic, read it and realized that I had already made a guide on this well it had this in it, so I just copied and pasted it.

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just do
player tagged > switch player to configured team
where is block code coming from?

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Do what foxy did if you already did the release thingy.

It is so that the popup and text that shows the tagger’s name can show the tagger’s name
(You don’t need to do that)
You could just go to map settings and turn on the marker things for your teammates and the other team

is there a more simpler way than that though?

You don’t need to do the entire part, you just need tag zone, 2 team switcher, spawn pads and a lifecycle
You don’t need to do the block code, text, popup, and properties, those are just optional.

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Can you just post what I need to do though, because theres so much text and it’s very clustered

use this


I tried to simplify it and explain it step, as specific as possible. (Not gonna ping cause he probably has this on watching)

But I think that’s good for him, it has everything he needs, the releasing, the randomizing, and the tagging.

If you want to make it so they know who it is, then they can use pop up and block code, or just a notification.

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actually, this didn’t work


Wait, what do you need help on exactly? Like what part? Like the randomized tagger then change them to a tagger part?

it makes everyone be on team 2 for some reason

Make the relay randomized. So that it selects a random player.

txme beat me to it again i really hate having a broken arm.

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