Zombie infection Help

I need help on makeing my game called graveyard greed. when the zombie tags the human they become a zombie but i want it so it waits 60 secs before turning them into a zombie. Also within that time they can be cured and cancel the time.

I don’t know how you could cancel it, but you could do this:
Tag zone player tagged → activate a wire repeater with 1.0 delay
wire repeater recieves pulse → decrease counter
wire repeater recieves pulse → wire repeater 2 with 0.0 delay
wire repeater 2 recieves pulse → wire reapeater
counter starts at 60
target number 0
when target value reached → switch team

I could possibly stop it using a trigger

You can stop it by making the zombifying run through a trigger that deactivates if you are cured, and activates when tagged again.

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