Yup. Having trouble with checkers, though I have noticed something new

If my checker is set to pass only if every check passes, then the checker will pass regardless if any of the individual checks pass, however if I set it so at least one check has to pass, it will never pass, regardless if conditions have been met. I was trying to make a passageway open in my escape room after a password was entered, and I am kinda struggling.

Have you tried using simpler checks like checks for items or for property values that never change?

Good idea! Right now I have it set to some properties that increase if a button is pressed, and the property has to be at least a number to pass.

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Ok, tested, and the problem persists, regardless if the property can change, or the quantity of checks.

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What about items?

It does not seem to affect item checks, only property checks.

lol took me a few days to notice that I had an β€œr” in β€œonly”

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