Yo Can I get a Thumbnail

Hey, I need a Thumbnail for my Hide & Seek Map
The Map is called Hide and Seek In Area 51

Welcome to the forums @Fusion, I can make try to make one for you.

Do you want any gims in particular, I can also make custom gims too, if you want.

Sure a custom gim would be nice like a lab worker and then probably a soldier?


Thank You for Helping @SAD

No problem

welcome to the forums @Fusion I can try to, but what do you need
oh, and the name of the game

Also what setting do you want?

Uhh a lab or secret facility please or like an airplane hangar

@Fusion where did you get that PFP? I know for a fact someone else made it

The name is Hide & Seek in Area 51

Alright, do you want like a ufo in the hanger or something?

Yes Please I would like to have a UFO in the hangar

@Fusion welcome to the forums but pls don’t ignore @Foxy where did you get that PFP

Hi @Gimkit.Crafts alt! Nice to see you!

Yeah someone else did just searched up custom gim on google

credit in your bio @RedPandaArtist made that

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Isn’t that PFP from here?

Off of Google @jelloboss Im sorry if im not allowed to do that I can delete it