Yep, it's a Barrier Thing

So, I’m trying to make some clouds out of barriers. If I make it “Not Active When Game Starts”, the barriers are unseen in the game. If I make it “If Off, Barrier Will Be Invisible”, well it will be invisible! Here’s what I need:

I want the player to see the cloud barriers but able to go through the cloud barriers. Is it possible to do that in Gimkit Creative?

turn collision off

Do I put it to No?

Also, if I put it to collision, I still cannot go through the barrier. Anything else I need to change before I can do that?

turn it off collision is whether or whether not you can go through it

Okay, give me a minute. I have more than one barrier and I only put collision to one barrier, maybe that’s why.

Couldn’t you try to use dead bushes???

What’s dead bushes?

those can’t be white
as white tint is no tint

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Yeah, @Foxy is right. I don’t know why that is like that.

well tinting is not replacing color it’s just shading color

Okay, got it @Foxy ! Thanks anyways, it worked!


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