Would this work?

So in order to running in the halls in Baldi’s Basics, I need to make sure this theory would work on sending students to detention:

  • First, students have the option to click a game overlay that says “Run.”
  • When the game overlay is clicked, it will increment a counter. The counter has a target of 1.
  • When the target value is reached, it will update a property called Sprinting.
  • When the player enters a specific zone, it will check for the property’s (Sprinting) value.
  • If the check passes, it will teleport the player to the detention room!

If this sounds accurate, please do so. Constructive criticism is also allowed, and maybe give some suggestions on how this could be easier. :3rd_place_medal:

:bear: California Approval :bear:

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It should work sounds amazing!

There is nothing to fix in this, it sounds like it would work and it should, i would test it to make sure, but I would say yes it should.

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It works. Thanks for reading this. :slight_smile:


No problem, and i love reading ideas, its one of my favorite things about the forum.


Would there be a way to assign actions to keys?

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Im not sure, it would be cool if you can, but there is no key binds in the game settings.

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You could some fancy work to detect a double keystroke on w.

Perhaps a chrome extension or mods can be used to click buttons and assign those buttons to keystrokes.

maybe, i will have to see if you can add that via java script because that is what gimkits source code is.

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