Would this be a good game idea?

Hello, I was wondering if that making a hockey game mode would be a good idea?

Yep! You don’t need to ask, but yes, it is.

Ah, the good old “get nolted”. Put suggestions here!

Yea, it would:
1.It hasn’t been made before, or I don’t think so
2.People like hockey

Ooh! That sounds cool! And yeah, you should make it.

Ya. It’s a whole new idea to make. You could get some help from the forums.

Do you mean a official gamemode or just a game in GKC?

I think she means GKC

probably that

This would be cool. Use blasters or different gadgets, remove reload time, make the hockey puck smaller, make it full black or as black as possible.

So yeah, great game idea, so yes.

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I have no idea how you would make the hockey game but it sounds like a great idea :+1:

You could use the blastball, make small, as black as possible to not show color, like a real one, blasters, and differnet gadgets for a kick force.

hey, that gives a idea of golf, lol. But thats impossible… Or atleast for now, you can only get up to 8 holes. ACTUALLY NO, if you just keep them in the same spot but change the environment

Theres another idea, golf. Might be a hard technical challenge, if your up for it, try it out!

Wait, how did I not think of that? I love playing golf.

I feel like golf would be easier than making the hockey

Egg noodle, up for the challenge? Lol.

basically, you can give them only one. And if they run out, give them another shard. Checkers to check, properties too. The smallest property wins.

Also, @LilMonke321 nah golf would be difficult, way mor difficult. Hockey will be blastball but reskinned

It’s getting off topic. :expressionless:

Cough cough its just like 2 replies, not the end of the world, (No offense.)

We just saying hockey is a good idea, but golf could be something else they could do too.

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I never said its the end of the world

Average argument on the forums:

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Just a metaphor, example, raining cats of dogs. End of the world is just like, it’s just 1 or 2 small things, it won’t be like catastrophic.