Would it be allowed if I made a guide about how to get better at Gimkit PVP?

It’s probably a no, if it is nobody reply to this for 20minutes and I’ll delete this topic.

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This is a forum about Gimkit Creative, so no.

This space is for questions about building Maps in Gimkit Creative.

Be sure to search for your question before starting a new topic, it may have an answer already!

This forum is not for chatting, asking when new features will be available, product suggestions, or sharing links to your maps or live games. Topics and posts that aren’t about building with Gimkit Creative will be removed.

btw go ahead and delete this post cuz this is kinda useless

Maybe post it on the wixsite.

No because this is for gimkit creative to help with maps not with puny pvp skills

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Maybe like an op GKC setup to train somebody in pvp (idk though)

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yeah, like @Cellofive said, you could make a guide on how to make a GKC setup for pvp training!

edit: why did you mark this as the solution? it was @Cellofive’s idea, mark his post as the solution


K it’s a 50 50… so do this poll

Am I allowed to make a Gimkit Pvp Guide?
  • Yes
  • No
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I think that’s a great idea the only thing I ain’t good at in gimkit is mechanics


Welcome to the forums @Mustard-gaming!
The thing is, the only way to get better, is by practicing. So guides help you and give you all the information about a subject so that you can complete it on your own and can develop your skills.

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