Would dead cells be posible in gimkit

Dead cells is a platforming beat em up game where you have infinite lives, but if you die you lose cells or upgrade points and Im wondering if its posible
(Will be sleeping so if no reply thats why, will add more tomorrow)


It depends on what your using for upgrade points and cells, but yes, I should be possible. (I will also get back tomorrow since I will be sleeping)

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Yea, I think so. Might have to look around for guides but yes. Very positive!

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I’ve personally played a lot of dead cells (4 BSC), and creating something like that would be memory-consuming, and really difficult. However you could easily make a makeshift version of it, and accumulating cells to get upgrades ain’t that hard with some properties. It wouldn’t be very difficult that way.
You just gotta create the levels, figure out someway to create the different kinds of enemies, and create a system for the unlocking of new skills/weapons.

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good luck with trying it will be very hard but should be possible :yum:

Very much possible, just use lifecycle, Player knocked out → Grant item. Use an item granter that has negative of the upgrade point currency, so that when the player dies, they loose UPC.

I don’t think it matters. No items have special uses other than gadgets.

Very Easy! I gave a two device ultra mini tutorial.

Well, i was saying that"cause most items have a stack limit so you would probably want to use something like bait or light shards

Almost no items have a specific stack limit.

like blood cells or…?

Are you serious right now (It’s a game).

sry, i sometimes get literal lol

from my (kinda) limited knowledge (I started like a week ago) of the game, it would be possible, but it is meant to be a game where every death is meant for you to learn what and what not to do, so I would need save files because there are perma upgrades, like healing upgrades (every upgrade allows you to use it one more time)

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Yeah, that would require a whole lot of work. Determining which items/properties to reduce to zero and which ones to keep permanently. I think you could do it, and it’d certainly be a new thing

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