Would anyone be willing to go to the GCC and enter my gimkit and make a crashed escape pod

i ended the first part of my gimkit with leaving in a escape pod now I need that pod to crash but I don’t know how to make that please help

Please don’t try to bypass the code rule by linking another website. This happened to 1 person before and they never listened, and they got suspended. I recommend you not doing this and instead make a new topic in the GCC or make a new post about the gamecode on the wixsite to let everyone know.

This is creating clutter, though.

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Unfortunately, Game codes are not allowed on the forum to prevent clutter and spam.
You can post game codes on the wixsite though

GCC is not affiliated with the gimkit forums, and therefore you should not post anything about it.


ohh i thought it was sorry

Hey, what is the GCC? All I know is that Wolf Tech made it.

The Gimkit Community Central.
I’l Give it into the wixsite to you just in case bad people won’t come in.

I am the first person to have my account perma-banned from GCC :smile:!


Wall of text, silence, demotion, declined appeal for silence, deletion.

Not really, we’ll give a chance tomorrow… As long as you read the guidelines.
Okay, we’re getting off-topic though.

I’m not gonna start a fight here.
@WolfTechnology let’s just talk in private for a sec.

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