Would a this be okay?

I am about to release a tycoon game, Idle Tycoon and was wondering if I posted a guide that looked somewhat like this:

I just published my first game: Idle Tycoon! However, it is still new and in the “beta testing” phase! If you play it and find any bugs or glitches you can report them here so I can fix them!
Here is the Thumbnail and Desc:
Insert Photo of thumbnail and desc

Would something like that be allowed? And if it was what the category/tags be?

Hmmm… no. No advertising, that’s for the wix. And there are guides on tycoon games. You would immediately be flagged, so it was smart to double check first. :wink:


Thanks! I always like to check. It takes less time to check first then to have fix up big damage after being flagged. Could you send the link to the wix?

is it ok to ask for playtesters before i release the game?

I think so but as @Tropic-Too-Cool said that would be done on the wix (I think)

do you have the wix yet?

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