Would a 3d rendering theory go in clay - institute?

I have searched before I asked this question. I won’t be able to mark a solution until 11 o’clock.

3D rendering isn’t really that possible, so it would probably go in clay-institute for now.


Would it go in community guides?

Actually it very much is, with the addition of text operations.

With 3D rendering it’s just a matter of time before someone decides to make it, it’s not like any new systems are needed to be discovered first.


Can you show me what you mean @Blackhole927 ?

oh, ok!

[I don’t really understand the full application of text operations yet]

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I don’t know how to show you haha
All the mechanics required for 3D rendering exist, all that needs to happen is for someone to combine them into a 3D renderer.

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What happen if, lets say I had another theory for 3d render. Which is feasible and could possibly work.

Then you could make it, test it and make a guide on it.

What do you mean by that?

3D rendering isn’t clay institute, not because it doesn’t unlock a world of possibilities, but because it has already been solved.

@Blackhole927 , you’re saying, depending on where we move the mouse the way we look changes too?

No- you only mentioned 3D rendering, and rendering a 3D object on a text display is something that is solved.

Moving the 3D viewpoint with a mouse is a completely different problem.

I am interested to see what your solution to it is though.

So would that go in clay-institute ?

I’m not sure. In the end, what you’re describing is a theory for a better input system, so it might go there, it might not. Why don’t you try testing your theory, or just go ahead and make a post about it?

Well testing the theory would take a lot of props and trigger, so can I explain it? (After all it’s a theory)

Sure, go ahead!

Okay, I’ll post something later today about it(hopefully). Should I keep it in clay-institute?(Or wait for someone to change it to clay-institute)

I would hesitate to put it in clay institute. Let some other people take a look at it first.

Okay, thanks @Blackhole927 !

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