Working Fishing System

I tried at least 5 different guides word for word, and I couldn’t get them to work so I made my own

  1. Put a Questioner and wire it to a Item Granter and had the Item Granter give out Bait (In my case it was 5 but for you it can be whatever) I wired the Questioner to the Item Granter (Question answered correctly → Grant Item)

  2. Then I placed a Button down and made it at its max size and range. Then I put as many as I needed to cover my entire fishing area (For me it was 6). Then I placed down a Trigger and wired each of the buttons to it and had the wire transfer be (Button Pressed → Trigger).

  3. Then I placed down 6 Item Granters and the first one was Bait which I made it where it takes one bait each time used by putting the number at -1 and made the Wire Transfer (Triggered → Grant Item). Then I wired the 5 others to the Trigger with the Wire Transfer (Triggered → Run Wire Pulse Block). I put them as Grey Fish, Green Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, Purple Fish (But for you it can be whatever you want it to be).

  4. Then I got on the Trigger and made a Block.

That concludes my Fishing Guide. I could only have 1 picture for a weird reason that it being its my first day on the account and I had to delete one. I hope you all enjoyed my guide. Happy Fishing


put this in help and not community made guides

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i could also show you my friend’s
I also struggled with the same problem so he showed how to do it

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This should be in help.

Yea what @greenbean7 said.

Okay thank yo for letting me know

You should probably remove the resolved tag as well. But, I think that doesn’t matter.

Screenshot 2024-06-01 8.27.25 PM
I could explain it to you if you need

I already finished my code a while back Im just sharing it with others

Wait, this is a guide?


ya why Did you think it was just a suggestion

Most of them work for the person who made it but I want to help others try one that actually works

oh then put this back in community guides and add images
that’s my fault

I put it back to Community Guides and am trying to figure out how to put in pictures


Yes, lol.

Okay thanks Im a newbie at posting this is my first one.

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This is a really great guide though!

But, use pictures next time because people have an attention span as the same as a mosquito.

Edit: Found out you just joined. It’s cool since you can post images. :+1:. Just use them next time if you can.

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So, this isn’t my computer and I can’t get pictures in because it is a pretty old one too

Then welcome to the community!
I joined 3 days ago aswell
shoutout to my friend @chub

Thx for the compliment and I joined less than 30 minutes ago

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