Workaround for a popup closing when a popup shop is made


This is an extremely simple popup shop. The left trigger opens the popup. The popup has one call to action. The right trigger reopens the popup when the call to action is pressed. Finally, the middle trigger is activated when the popup is closed. If I click the button, both triggers activate. This is kind of a big deal in a game that I’m trying to make, as it resets the block code every time it’s supposed to just change the text in the popup. Are there any workarounds to this? Thanks!

check the channel on the pop-up to the middle trigger

That’s a wire.

oops it’s hidden under the other wire
is there a reason your using wires instead of channels?

This is just a proof of concept, but yea, wires are faster to set up. The same thing would happen with channels though.

I’m not sure of what you’re talking about, but if you want it to stay open, open a new one as soon as it closes.

BTW that was a bump.

What is the block of code you are using? If you have variables in the code instead of property’s, this may be your issue.

I found a workaround to it. Basically, it just stops the second signal if the call to action was pressed.

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That still triggers the middle trigger though.

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