Word limit on popups

what is the word limit on popups?

Letter limit or word?

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Word limit please.

(Hello again coffeeeeeeeee)

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let me find it (Hello again Underworld lord caternaught!)

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k, thanks for the help!

(p.s. I’m not the lord of the underworld, just of the demonic shapeshifting realm. my species is called “Shifters”)

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I know, couldn’t say deamon lord (I think it is 150, don’t quote me on it tho)

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256 characters for a popup

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ngl I thought it was infinite cuz it used to go off screen when u typed too much

I just used google
I’ve never hit the limit myself

pretty sure that might be for a javascript popup

I saw it on a different help topics so hopefully they knew what they were talking about

I’ma test it rq I just got my puter on da charger

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ok so it does have a limit could’ve sworn it went off screen back in the days… but I guess it got patched


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