Wondering about how to implement a new game feature

I want to make a teleporter that only works once so one could select an option at the start of the game and not be able to change it as it would mess with the structure of the game.

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just have a trigger at the place you get teleported that deactivates the the teleporter

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Thank you for the possible solution and greeting :grinning:

same to you my man your gonna have a blast here

wait a minute I’m really bad at gimkit what do the different features do. What’s the difference between just trigger and activate trigger

Ok. The trigger allows you to activate devices by stepping on them.

send me a screen shot so i can help better

Are you talking to me?

no im talking to protato

I already did post a screenshot

i noticed you sent the message as i was writing mine

what is the map about

Ill try to do it a simpler way. But, before I do: you want it so that when you step into a teleporter, you cannot go back, right?

its a pvp map where you can fight in an arena with people having different perks and abilities by choosing a weapon/character build class. So, I want to make it so that you can teleport to the class select room only once so you can select it and not change it again.

Ok. give me a min and ill show you.

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I want to make it so that you can enter it, go back to the main hub, then never be able to use it again

enter, fight, dont go back. Kinda like strongest battlegrounds?

wdym by hub? like spawn?