i went to that cite thing do I just leave the code there?

yeah you just put the code and people can play it

but i want them to help me build it its a blank place they said they would help build it

if you want people to play it.

I replied to you post on the GCC.

ok then you put it there and people can log in! just make sure editing options are on for other players.

ok i will leave it in the GCC

you can do whatever you want with it

as long as you dont mess with what I do I do not care

I won’t your post are your post and feel free to chat with the rest of the GCC community if you need anything.

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the code is there in the GCC

alright, and please mark a solution because you put this under help and others might try to answer and get confussed.


I will not mess with others post, what they post is what they post, thats what i mean.

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what kind of groundn should there be?

What do you mean?

hey @wolftechnology are you here?

Yes, what can I help you with?

the gimkit i need help with some stuff I will leave the code in the GCC

hey @wolftechnology think you could set up a trap with lasers?