Wire Repeater Pulses (Resolved)

Is there any way to stop the wire repeater pulse? I need to stop granting health once a player leaves a zone.

Channel I believe. They have channels, right?

You could just use repeaters with a specific amount of task repetitions.

Iknow there is a way, it seems simple, but my mind just won’t think of it.

Wire Repeaters don’t have channels?

Oh ok. Then, you would need to use a repeater @The_7th_Dragon .

Okay, thanks y’all! I’m going to go test it.

You could se triggers instead. This’ll let you be able to deactivate it.

This works
You have it when the player enters the repeater starts but when they leave it stops

What settings did you have on the repeater?

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Never mind! I got it to work. Thanks for the help!


so the repeater starts when the enter by directly wiring it to the zone then you wire the wire repeater to the zone and make it to when the player leaves it starts the wire repeater and it turns off the repeater

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