Wire Repeater? How do you use?

What is the purpose of a wire repeater it seems like it’s just a trigger without chanels.

A wire repeater can be used to wire something to itself, you just wire it to the repeater, and the repeater to it.
It can also delay wire pulses by a certain amount of seconds.
It can also only allow someone from a certain team to send a wire pulse.


So it’s just like a trigger? but for wires. ok I know how I can use this! thanks.

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Sort of - the last two reasons that bushenberg gave are the main reasons that wire repeaters are used, and there are a lot of options that those functions give you - you can use a wire repeater as a way of preventing certain teams from using certain devices (like buttons - you can put a repeater between the button and the target device, then use the repeater as a checking point) or at least have the repeater insert a delay between a device being activated and the activation doing something.

It doesn’t have much to do with triggers, but it is similar to a redstone repeater (if you’ve ever played Minecraft) - it’s essentially just a device placed between other devices that can be used to control the flow of (wire-based) transmissions.


A wire repeater can also be used to put additional wires from the same device, if you max out the wires that can be connnected to a button, for example, you can get a wire repeater attached to it and hook up additional wires to the wire repeater.