[🛠 WIP] Item Barrier Art [WIKI]

Hey, @Coffee here, anybody is welcome to edit this wiki if it goes along with the other art here!
This guide is meant to replace those item spawners that people put under tables to represent items (looking at you gadgets!)


Zapper: Made by @Coffee
Used -, (, ⋅, Barrier, and shields (R.77 B.57 G.82 Dark purple, R.122 B.91 G.128 Light purple, R.0 B.255 G.251 Cyan)

Slingshot: WIP

Evil Eye: WIP

Wooden wand: WIP

Blaster: Made by @Coffee
Uses (, ), ⋅, ⬬, -

Quantum portal: WIP


Snowball launcher: WIP

Items with no emoji

Gim fish: WIP

Gim berry: WIP

Gim Gulp: WIP
(will add more)


Thanks, I will try to remake the zapper I made

we stopped using wip
also might want to actually make it a wiki kinda important

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should probally make it a wiki :rofl:

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lol i forgot that part :person_facepalming:

happens to the best of us :rofl: