[WIP] A Guide on The [NEW] Damage Boost Device

Hello Forumers!

This guide is meant to teach people the basics on how to use the damage modifier, similar to this:

The Damage Boost device allows players to deal more (or less) damage than usual for a set amount of time!


This will be cool, be sure to finish it!

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I made it a wip guide for you.

Wait, couldn’t this be accomplished with just a trigger → damage boost?

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Doesn’t the damage boost already have a setting for how long it lasts?

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Yeah, that’s it. So… this guide is pointless?

Well, it was going to be about various ways you could use the damage modifier with examples.

Don’t forget to credit me! Here’s why:How to make Double Tap Root Beer part 2: The new modifier!

This guide is now an overview on how to use the damage modifier.

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@wingwave Would this go in Devices or Community Made Guides?

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Probably Community Made Guides, Devices is for debate about devices or device help


Yeah, Community Made Guides.


@here Should I just delete this guide as TUGTED exists?

  • Yes
  • No
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