Wings of Fury Dev Log

@Brayden_Shelton please refrain from editing this guide. I understand what you keep saying, but that does not give you any right to edit this guide without permission and especially when I(the op) state that no one can, besides myself, edit this guide.

Day 1 and 2, 1/10/24 - 1/11/24:

Worked on beginning section:

And the cloud land:

That’s all for this day!

Day 3, 1/12/24:

No work done today, will get back on sunday maybe!

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Credits: Me, Gimkit Team, @ShadowDragon44, and TheTopGamer!

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This looks cool! What is it for?

It’s my dev log for a game I am working on.

Isn’t that kinda off-topic? (It’s cool, but still.)

Isn’t this off topic?

I don’t think it is as it is related to my gimkit creative map not anything non-gimkit creative.

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ooh looks great @VALUEX is it about dragons?

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Wow cool! I like the name lol also great map

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Well, I think you could maybe compare it to showcases. Related to gimkit creative, but consideried off-topic


Well it looks like its gonna be a good game!

Hat, why are you talking like medieval on the wix?


Hello please refrain from posting off-topic discussions like this. Its cool and all but this should be posted on something like the wix. I would flag this if I could.

Yes that is true, but this could be viewed almost like a guide. No instructions, but the idea is there. @Brayden_Shelton

sorry but what is a wix?

Technically yes, Please relabel it then as I can’t for some reason. Thanks

Please do not post off topic!

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Ima add to that lol. sorry how do you flag?


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Its the wix site where you can post game codes

Its the flag button when you click on 3 dots next to a post

You can’t relabel it because you’re a basic user, you need to be a regular(or the OP) to do it, but yes I will.