Will people stop needing the Season Ticket to make platformer maps, and if so, when?

does any one know if/when this will happen?

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Yes. I heard this will happen in June or after the season ticket.


I’m pretty sure June 2

There is no confirmed date, other than that it will happen later in 2024. Please stop telling people dates lmao.


My best guess is Season 4.

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I look forward to platforming coming out to everyone, I have a bunch of ideas+I wanna make an actually good platformer.

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@turtle Do you know BloodWolf? I feel like I have seen your name before.


that makes such great sense…

Not to crash the fun here, but the forum is not for asking when new updates will happen.


what do you mean by marking a solution?

I was just wondering

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todays June 2 and the season ticket is still not free.

As Blackhole said

It was not specified that it would come out today.


The season ticket will likely never be free. It’s platformer mode we’re talking about.

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i wish the season ticket costed gimbucks…
anyways yeah what @nonowahoo is saying

the issue with me is, i want the ticket to make more games, as i have three maps already used up. plus i love the ideas of platformers…

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