Will my map get removed if I publish it?

I understand that FNAF games are not allowed on GKC, but I’m not directly making a FNAF game, what I’m making is more of a FNAF-like game. I’m replacing the iconic animatronics with props from Gimkit, and making sure to add my own touches as well. I’m avoiding anything that would count as copyright. The title of my map doesn’t bear any resemblance to the original title either.

Will my map get removed?

Yes, it’ll get reported and removed.
Just avoid the words FNAF.


As long as you don’t use words that will get your map unpublished in your title or descriptions like code, FNAF, or something, you should be fine…but it depends on the players they might report…
(which they probably will)

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It’s not going to be titled FNAF or ‘five nights at ___’. I’m making sure the title doesn’t look like it would be a FNAF game.

As long as it says something like 2 days at John’s, you’ll be fine.

It’s not even anything remotely similar.

you’ll be fine then.

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then you have nothing to worry 'bout

it’s best not to make something related to fnaf, even if it’s not like “___ nights at __________”

i wouldn’t risk it

We’ll see what happens. I’ll probably add a disclaimer in the description and at the start of the game just to let people know it’s simply inspired by FNAF.

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