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Could someone make a wiki for me?
Here’s a little blurb of what I’m writing:


Hey guys I am back with another guide, this time a wiki (thanks to @no-one for making this) and we will be remaking Call of Duty: Multiplayer. For those of you who might be confusing Call of Duty gamemodes here is the breakdown of their gamemodes:

  • Campaign - This is the main feature of COD, has a storyline. To make a game similar to this check out the dungeon tag and the rpg tag.
  • Battle-Royale - This is the COD version of a battle-royale. You will never guess what tag to check out for this feature. battle-royale :exploding_head:.
  • Multiplayer - This COD feature includes Zombies and Minigames, the two things I will be teaching you to create thing this guide!

Before we start one more shoutout to @no-one for making this wiki for me

Boring Stuff to Read before you start:

This is a guide for the community as well, just please read the rules before starting to edit.

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Now without further ado, I announce

The Ultimate Guide to Call of Duty Multiplayer


  • Chapter 1: Pre-Game
  • Chapter 2: Zombies
  • Chapter 3: Mini-Games (Lobby)
  • Chapter 4: Mini-Games (Roles)
  • Chapter 5: Mini-Games (Gamemodes)

Chapter 1: Pre-Game

Map Options

==Created By: harharharhar83==
Here are the Map Options I recommend setting and why:
Ally Indicators Enabled - To eliminate confusion while playing team gamemodes such as Zombies, Capture the Flag, etc.
Enemy Indicators Enabled - To eliminate confusion while playing team gamemodes such as Zombies, Capture the Flag, etc.
Max Shield 50 - Because Shield will only be given as a power-up, not a consumable, so we don’t want to give them that much.
Starting Shield 0% - Because Shield will only be given as a power-up, not a consumable, so we don’t want them to spawn with it.
Spawn Immunity 5 - I personally think 10 is too much.
Score Type Property - In a later part of the guide I will show you how to set up a scoreboard based off of Rounds/Waves won.
Score Property Rounds/Waves Won - Read previous reason.
Score Name Round/Waves Won - Read previous reason.
Item Slots 2 - One for primary weapon and one for secondary.
Infinite Refills No - There is no infinite ammo in COD.
Respawn Behaviors Delete - When you die you lose everything in COD.
Dropped Item Visibility Player - You can’t share weapons in COD.
Disable Knockouts from Activity Feed If you want - I will show you how to make fancier ones later.
==End of Section==

Zombies or Mini-Games?

==Created By: harharharhar83==
When players first join start this game they need to decide whether to play Zombies or Mini-Games. Here I will show two methods:
Host Chooses
Players Vote

I would like a wiki for

  1. Infinite Editing
  2. So other people can contribute

Edit: Oops put it in Guides. Thanks eggnoodle

is this related to gimkit yes or no?

Yes, I am asking a trust level 3 for a wiki to create a GKC guide in

Yes. I can’t make a wiki because I’m not a regular. Sorry!

Im trust level 2 what trust level 3

A Regular

uh i did not know that

Cool, I’ll try to make one. Gimme a sec.

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