Wiat shear coolness i just found

someone made escape lava os this is another idea for you all it is a transparent red barrier that respawns players so cool

do you need help with something?

uh no why it was just something i thought would be good to share

Uh… that’s a bit off topic then.

By the way, help topics are only if you need help by the way. If you want that in your map, we can teach you/ help you on how to do it.

please don’t post unless you need help, making a good guide, or helping someone else

The help section is only for help… wolftech already told you this remember? Please don’t do this again.

hey @Georgeholmes1 i asked that you don’t share maps if you have a problem like a bug in your game you can report that. have a problem with the map your building or can’t figure something out you can ask for help. but if its about other maps people are building then at that point its advertising and spam because we are here to help people with problems and not to rate peoples maps. nolt is a great place to do this because its just free reign (well until you are mean)

to sum it up please no more talking about other peoples maps your getting very close to a suspenion and i don’t want that to happen to a new person.

also @foxy i don’t think i got a reply if what i said was what you needed for your map