Whyyyy wil i ever play gimkit again?

this is what happens when i go to login it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!
its done loading and the screen its just blank…

can you provide a picture please?

here you go feel my sadness

maybe try restarting your computer i guess

I tried that like 53 times

report it to hello@gimkit.com

I cant according to google

what do you mean???

I looked it up and it just said

Gimkit login

Welcome to the forums, @raaenson! I don’t know any technichal solutions, but you could try skipping the login and just going to gimkit.code or whatever and playing gimkit there. I have no idea how to fix the login glitch though…

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I tried that I tried almost EVERYTHING

hello@gimkit.com is gimkit’s email address. it should take you to mail or outlook

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DON’T search it up on google, use Gmail and compose a new message to hello@gimkit.com and report the issue to them.


Maybe check your internet connection?

Your school may be blocking your connection to Gimkit.

Instead, try heading to Gimkit - live learning game show and try logging in from there.

If you’re still having issues email the Gimkit team at hello@gimkit.com.

I can only know what you are feeling right now
I don’t know how to fix it, It might be your computer.
Also welcome to


This is what always happens when I go to login screen, it happens EVERY SINGLE TIME!
It’s done loading and the screen It’s just showing a blank white screen.
Please help me.


If you feel angry or something, please note I am sorry, and welcome to the forums!

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First thing I noticed too lmao.

“Grammar Corrector” just backfired XD

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go to your google password and remove all giimkit acounts that are conected to it the re login into gimkit afterwords also serch up gimkit and click on the link then log in