Why Your Game Wont Show Up On Discovery

so one of the reasons is you have numbers in the title or in the description.
an AI detects it and if it sees numbers or even the word “Join” and “code” it wont work!
that is one of the main reasons why it wont show up but if u followed these steps and it still doesn’t work pls Ping me and send me a screenshot of the Description or the title

Note: bump this cuz its very important!

this is not a guide(no offense)

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uhhhhh, ok? this is a pretty short “guide”

its to short, it needs to be list, ways to fix it, etc.


idk but I see a lot of ppl asking about it so wolf suggested to make 1

do want me to make it?

yea sure go for it!

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Should this be a WIP?

ohh yea… it could be

I will make it a wiki so people can add reasons i don’t know.

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ok good idea

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