Why won't the life cycle and relay work to make only one team be able to press a button?

I’ve tried EVERYTHING! I’ll put screenshots showing what I have so far,(that for some reason won’t work). I know this question has been asked so much, but it just doesn’t work!

Screenshot 2024-03-28 9.52.47 AM


I’ve already done that. : (

You could use a zone and a trigger that activates the button.

For only one team of course.

This tells you how?

Hm, I’ll try it, one sec

And set the activation for the button to team.

I’ve done everything in that tutorial, but it just will not work.

I believe the post above will work.
You can also use a checker that checks for a team’s number.
Do you have seperate spawn zone?

Yes, I have multiple spawns. I also have 8 teams if that changes anything.

Like this:

And set the trigger to whatever team and the button activation settings to team too.

the heck is the point of bug


I’m guessing I’d delete the life cycle and relay?

Have two separate spawn zones for each team.
Place a zone or something so that it detects the player’s number.
Use a counter for the team that can press the button.
Player enters zone < increment counter
Have the counter update a property. Name the property “Team”.
Now, place down another zone. Player enters zone < run check.
Now, wire the checker to a button Check passes < activate button.

Is the button being deactivated the problem?

It needs to be activated for a specific team.

No, try my idea and see if it will work.
Triggers can be triggered multiple times by any team so it will only activate the button for anyone. I don’t believe it will work…

No, you set the trigger settings to a specific team. Look in the configuration tab.

It should be:

  • Lifecycle [Event: Game Start]
  • Relay [All Players On A Specific Team]
  • Button [Not active on game start]

Lifecycle < Relay
Event occurs < trigger relay.
Relay < Button
When triggered < activate button.