Why wont the end game for battle royal work?

I need some help, this end game won’t work, because if I do the less than or equal to, then it ends the game automatically, if I do it to just be equal to 1 player, then it just does not do anything, I think its about the spectators or something, because when it’s just me, it works just fine. HOW DO YOU DO THIS???

what does it receive on?

it receives on… for the repeater its Game Start

ive made an end game system for battle royale is this an auto counter or manual

So, this build is a live player counter and a trigger checking if players = 1, right? If so, use a checker instead, and if = 1 doesn’t work, use >2.

Blocks really aren’t required for this… Anyways, make sure the counter scope is player.

Here is a picture of my manual one, all you have to add is a trigger to increase the one counter to said players.

the way mine works is that before a game you would change the counter that has a three on it to how many players you have. just simply add a trigger when walked over adds a player and make it start from 0. the rest of it is actually so players get three lives then eliminated but if you want just 1 life change the target on the second counter from 3 to 1

also heres instructions:
lifecycle checks for player knocked out->increment counter
counter reaches target-> switch teams and decrement from the other counter
other counter reaches 1-> endgame


OK, I’ll try that, Thank you @StarWarsNerd!

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This definitely doesn’t qualify under this and takes credit from the user who was trying to help and succeed.

thanks for saying this it is like hey google how do i do this oh look how much work i did

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