Why isn't my code working?

I was working on a gimkit hidenseek map but where some reason the code for the seeker has the same output as the hider even though they both have different code

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Hello. Can you show your code? This will help others diagnose your issue.
Can you also show how they are wired?


Yeah, we need to see the code and what the code is so we can help you, as @twofoursixeight said.


Pls show code and wires so we can help!


@qwerty, please take a screenshot of what your block code is so far so we can help you troubleshoot it.

My intuition says that there may be a scope problem.

Thanks for the screen shots, but I don’t think many of the super complex coder users are online right now.

yea i dunno any thing

If it’s Hide n seek, shouldn’t there be two teams, and not be a co-op?
Add a team switcher

Sadly I already tried that

Try using wires and see if that changes it.

I already have tried it

Well, in the first pic, it says co-op, so maybe that could do something as that makes everybody be on the same team?

ok ill try something like that

And in the second pic, it says there is multiple teams, but in co-op, there is only 1 team.

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