Why is this happening?

So I’m making a game where the world has a ripped space portal and so I have two sentries right now but when I add more they disappear. When I start the game I see them but then they disappear what is happening? I checked the sentries settings nothing is making them hide what’s happening?

  1. Are there sentries below the barrels?
    Somerimes if you have a lot of sentries in one area, some of them dissapear.

  2. Are the Inventory Slots (in the Map Options “Items” tab) set to 0?
    That causes sentries to dissapear.

There is no sentries below the barrels and players have 5 item slots

does anybody have a solution?


so does anybody have one?

there is a glitch where the game cannot load sentries
this happens when there is a lot of them or they are close together or most commonly both

I have three though grouped together

sure I will

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Anyone else got any ideas

the game is loading the one in the fire but not the others
have you tried refreshing?

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um no I will try
didn’t think of that bruh

maybe you made the sentries invisible in game or something like that? Or you could’ve used too much memory or sentries…

He said that he checked that already.

I used 4% memory

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Annnnd bruh my sentry disappeared

You could try messaging hello@gimkit.com like I did once…

I added a new sentry and it works yay
really should’ve refreshed before I posted


Mark a solution if you found one!

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