Why is this happening to the props

it’s not going on the front

(post deleted by author)

reasons why this is happening

  1. You made the wrong orange space container above the arcade machine
    2.you need to move the orange container more forwards
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lasers will always cover props as far as I’ve seen

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Make the container on the above layer instead of the primary?

I believe GKC puts lasers on top of everything so you can’t hide them

those were laser? I thought they were grids…

Oh, I thought he wanted the container above the arcade machine.

I do want it in front

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you put the wrong container in front

try the suggestions above

Nope, GimJumper wouldn’t work if this was true.

I fixed it what I needed to do was make it go to Above and make it go back to Primary

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no I didn’t

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You should probably try more stuff before you post something next time

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did you check?

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yea I keep posting things and end up regretting that I didn’t try other methods


yes I did check

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