WHy! Is there a way to bypass or fix it?

Sooo… I was recently building an among us map and I just reached the maximum amount of wall terrain that we could use and were only done with half of the map, so please help!!

use floors and invisible barriers (floors have no limit because it only has a texture and no collision, unlike walls)

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not possible unless with mods/or glitches

try making the map a little smaller

Oh, thanks a lot, do you know if anything else has a maximum limit?

sentries = 100
text = 500
walls = IDK
that’s all I know

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K, thank a lot, really appreciate it (I can’t believe I didn’t know about this, lol)


Lover your custom gim

floors I think or mabey barriers

I just refresh and the limit is gone

Do you mean refresh the page?

I just leave the game and the limit is gone
don’t know if thats normal

OK iI’l try that @Foxy

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