Why is my map unpublished?

so, I was looking for my map in creative discover, and my map wasn’t showing up, so… I looked at my map and it isn’t published!
Screenshot 2023-12-07 8.09.08 AM


You don’t have enough GimBucks


is this a bug? because no one else’s map was gone from yesterday.

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This might just be a small glitch.
I saw your map yesterday.
(I think, if you are in USA)

I think you need to fulfill the requirements if you want to publish another game

what are these maps bro
and why would you waste your gimbucks

W h a t?

Also I saw @getrithekd’s map did you make this?

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maybe it deleted itself when they added the map search

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man, I had 1010 plays though…

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Does your map still exist in your creative files?


yes, I have the map still

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Hm. I got nothing then, lol

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wait uh
it mightve gotten taken down
are there like bad stuff in your map
or something

because fnaf is kinda dark

the man behind the applesauce :apple: :hocho:


This is a good point!


no, my map was completely fine

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I spent over a month on that map!

What was the map?

You can contact gimkit support

the map was fnaf based, with a secret ending

the website’s blocked

Well, FNAF might be bad in their eyes. This explains it. The idea of FNAF, after all, is that the animatronics oof you.

hang on, I gtg. I’ll see you tomorrow

there are other fnaf maps