Why is my button not teleporting me to the other teleporter

so i made a wire from the button to the teleporter, but when i test my map it doesn’t work. i tried deleting the button and just having you walk to the teleporter but that doesn’t work either. idk whats wrong

What are your wire settings, is it teleport to target or teleport to location?

Have you checked the teleporter wire?

wdym? check for what?

This might help.

What are your wiring?

It should be like this:

(Button) Button Pressed —> (Teleporter) Teleport Player Here

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Welcome back, @Cloud!

i did teleport player to target how is that different

You need to make sure your target is correct… And they aren’t the same group/name. And it also won’t work as that teleporter will teleport you to where the teleproter goes…

That teleports you to the target of the teleporter, not the actual teleporter from the wire.

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oh sorry thank you for the result i am not good at figuring out creative stuff

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thank you! oh my post has to be 20 characters

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Solve that with these: <>

talk about fast results!

You can always put letters in these brackets to hide them <>

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What I just said…

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thank you! also i know this is not a great question, but why are codes not allowed

They cause clutter.

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Because they created spam and clutter in the old forum, it took away the whole point of the forum, helping people because people just wanted to play games.
You can share codes in the wixsite though.


Sorry about that, I just typed it out really fast and then sent it.

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