Why is Gimkit not working

Any time i try to login into a game it just shows the floor and nothing else not even my avatar is Gimkit Down?

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I don’t think so. It might be your wifi.

Just quit and then go back in…

i tried that nothing worked even when i switched wifi it still didn’t work

It might be your device or your account. Maybe restart your device?

i restarted, shut down and waited a while it didn’t work as well

I suggest you go to Gimkit support since this forum is mainly for creative players or you can wait for a community helper to help

I don’t know. Tr a different device?

were can i contact Gimkit support?

There email and this is there website if it could help Gimkit Help

Also only the game don’t work, i can still login in and anything else besides play a game

okay thanks i will try that

And I don’t know if this is there support email but i think it is hello@gimkit.com it’s a guess but it is a Gimkit email

Yeah it’s either your device, your account, your WI-FI, or Gimkit’s down again

yea maybe that because it doesn’t work

Anytime you play now it just turns black

show screenshot for proof

its working just fine for me

okay i will also how do i put in a screenshot?