Why is Gimkit down?

Why is gimkit down? Why is it lagging and how long will it stay like that?

The server is down for a reason we do not know, you just have to wait for gimkit to fix it. There is not exact time that it will fix and the lag is because of the server.

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It should be back up soon, if not already.
It’s down because they’re experiencing record traffic, and the servers can’t handle it.

That or jeffo triped on the server wire, most resonable answer.


why is jeffo tripping over a wire the most reasonable reason?

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Jokes: exist.
This guy:

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It is a joke.


please don’t be rude.Some people take jokes literally sometimes because everyone is different.

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I’m not being rude I’m making a joke out of joke

Also let’s not make this a twitter war.

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Who knows bro
Also, welcome

gimkit is back up now. please mark a solution because this is off topic to gimkit creative. also welcome to the community @Pl241671

nope!You jinxed it!


yea i just checked to see if it was down and i saw this

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I looks like it is back up now.

Please mark a solution so this will prevent less clutter.

it’s working now!!!

It’s usually for like 5 mins and then it breaks again

Loop moment?

They could be working on the DLD engine for GKC and messed up the code somehow.