Why is Gimkit Disconnecting while im editing even though im at max bars

Gimkits disconnecting me while im editing even though at max bars

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this should go in bugs

I joined his game and this happened while editing

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I know
here’s what I think

  1. using too much meemery
  2. bad serves (not gimkite fallt)
  3. gimkite serves are not doing good rn

It’s in bugs now, @SUS1

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16 % memory, checked the servers, they’re fine. it happened with all 6 of my maps, 1WO 3, SS2:CS, QuantumShot Roulette, Gim Drone in the danger zone, Gimkit: Laser Tag, and GTD

just today or genrell

Today and night of yesterday
He couldn’t reply, he was too busy raging

I’m doing fine…
this happens when the server lifetime is maxed out so do you know if that’s it?

No I’ve seen this problem too!

Your computer is probably slowing down

Are there background apps you still aren’t using yet that are still opened?

He has spotify open in a different tab…

Holy crisp its 12 AM in my timezone rn


Ok so heres a few things that this could have made this happen.
-Your computer is slow.
-You were on the server for too long and it needs to kick you out.
-Theres too many people on Gimkit’s server. (Think about people in Europe and such).

What do you mean think about people in Europe and such,
@FAST_Developer This could just be ur area or it could be something with ur computer, so changing device might help, or just wait.

Hey, @Magenta_Dragon , @FAST_Developer is restarting his computer ATM so I’ll be here instead of him for now, his computer was running fine, servers never were like that so probably it’s just something that’s happening globally

yeah, it could just be my area

If I’m recognizing your computer correctly, you have a TravelMate B, which has a very slow CPU. (4 cores @ 1.1GHz) I think that it’s your computer, not the servers that are being slow. I would recommend closing everything and turning down your battery lifetime for better performance.


Bad computer

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