Why is devices the off-topic trash bin?

Recently I have not been seeing any useful devices posts, they are all dumpster fires.

(I need an explanation, please don’t flag)

First, this is off topic.
Second, no one really uses the device category, so it’s kind of a wasteland

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what flyinkid said. also, asking people not to flag isn’t gonna stop them from flagging, it probably makes it more likely. Please mark a solution to this post.


Sure, this post may be off-topic, but currently there is no category for asking about the forums.

Also a little off-topic-ness isn’t the end of the world. Saying that it is off-topic, however, just creates more off-topic posts.

To answer your question, I think it is because most people don’t know what its for. In addition, some bad/incomplete guides could be moved to the Devices category, where a solution can be marked and the post can be closed. Hope this helps!

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we should really use the devices section for more. now that thumbnails have taken over the help section, how about mechanics can migrate to the devices section? the only downside is that new users will most likely post in the help section anyways.


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