Why doesnt this work

(I need help again lol) I was building a map and I wanted one player, a “tagger” to spawn in one place. But when I tried it, everyone kept spawning in the same place even with modified spawn pads. Am I doing something wrong?

Bonus Question

How do I make it so that a text device says who the tagger is?

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  1. couldn’t you just put the tagger on one team?
  2. lemme check the text device one
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For the text one, check this.

I made them switch to team 1, but everyone spawns on team 1. Unless my settings are wrong let me check

how do you select your tagger. Is it through a random relay?

Yes using the lifecycle relay tean switcher system

so I think your problem might be that you can’t do this until after the game starts and so the host I originally team 1 and gets sent to that spawn pad and then the other players team is switched. you can fix this by creating a lobby, then once the host presses an overlay on their screen to start the game the tagger will be teleported to their spawn area (team switcher → respawn or alternatively a checkpoint). That is why in Snowy Survival the tagger is not chosen until 30 or so seconds into the game.

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Ok thanks! That helps a lot

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np, if you need more help just mention me.

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