Why does my wiki keep closing, I NEED HELP!

my wiki “cool ways to decorate custom bosses” keeps closing after the 4 hour period, like the hours will go by and then it closes again,



I dont know but I added a boss

@Aubec7 could you change this to devices? Because if so it would help remove clutter.

why would it remove clutter?

with help I can just mark a solution…

Because other people won’t really help because they can’t change it. You just need to wait for the moderators open it again. It also could be because it is a weekend (At least in my time period.)

can a TL3 please answer me?

whats an TL3 I do not know what that is

trust level 3, a regular

what am I right now I think I might be 1 or 2

I have no idea what is happening, but you could message the moderators.

@Aubec7 or Bobthebuilder123 have done that. (I am not sure which one or both.)

Click on your profile and your first badge will show it, right now you are a Basic, meaning a TL1

I know why it keeps closing because 18 people flagged me. It literally says that on the topic.

gimsolver don’t get offended but you kinda did do all this, you need to understand what to post and what not to post

so is this like a glitch or something @NavyCatZ ?

It could be. Note that it says at least 4 hours, so it could be closed for longer. Maybe wait a week, if it’s still not opened try messaging the moderators.


well it says this post will automatically open in 4 hours

It could be permanent. :slightly_frowning_face: Hopefully not. It will most likely reopen tomorrow.

I mean, even if its permanent then I can still make another non-wiki version, but that’s kinda annoying

Just ask @awesomeT43 to make another one.

I can sense The future of the wiki is bleak :crystal_ball: