Why does my game not show up when I search it up?

I’ve recently published my Need More Heat knockoff but when I try to search it up it isn’t there…

you have to give it a week put the name of you game in the description as well

it helps people find it and if you still can’t find it after a week republish


that means i got removed by the mods. If your game was copyrighted or broke any of the rules it gets removed and can’t be republished.

sorry im not well versed

if your game breaks the rules it gets unpublished. there is a link somewhere.

The search engine is pretty bad. Try searching stuff from the description and not the title.

Yes but it already has 167 plays and it was on the recently published

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if you can’t find it by searching up the discription if that doesn’t come up then i has been removed.

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It only shows 10 maps at a time, so if you search it multiple times it might appear!

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