Why does it say I need approval? (Off-Topic)


What Waas The Post About?

People posting the same thing over and over.

I Think That’s The Problem, IDK

Screenshot 2023-12-16 12.47.17 PM

Did It Show Up In The Forums?

no. but for some reason, if I don’t right those words, I can post.

Where Did That Happen, Like, In The Wix?

no, here, on the forums.

Probably Email Josh, He’ll Fix It

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Yeah, like it’s that easy.

Also, I can’t I’m on a school device.

Me Too, But, I Can Email Him If You Want Me To

Go to Meta, not josh. Meta is the Discourse forum, so they’d help you there.

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Discourse? You Mean Discord, Right?

where? could you post a link?

I Can’t Send That Since Discord Is Blocked By My Administrator

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I was replying to @Max1

Discourse is the engine that runs the forum
Discourse Meta - The Official Support Forum for Discourse

um, it’s blocked for me.