Why do we have lottery tickets?

Why do we have lottery ticket items on Gimkit? According to Wikipedia, it says it’s the most popular form of gambling since americans spent $105.26 BILLION dollars for lottery tickets and still lost.

Because they are used for farmchain

Because it um… um… um… gives us one more item to remember. I don’t know. It’s in Farmchain and Creative, but that’s it.

If you really have a problem with it, tell gimkit to rework one of their games and remove it [1] in creative
They probably won’t though lol

  1. or replace it ↩︎

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gambling is fun bro, also, it could be a calculator, you never know.

that would be quite hard and screw over a lot of published games
@Captain-Gim yep kinda ironic


i’m pretty sure we’re not allowed to gamble on a educational website
and also, josh said on the gimkit creative rules to not make any gambling references but okay

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