Why do people post codes for games as a map but don't actually make a game? (very off topic)

One day I was bored after school, and I just wanted to play a good, old-fashioned game, but when I open the creative discovery, I see a game called “the code for the game is 1234567” or something like that under TRENDING. I click on it to see why it’s so popular and guess what? there’s nothing there. it’s just grass everywhere. I just don’t understand why gimkit lets people do that.
(ps. I do understand this post is very flaggable.)

Gimkit doesn’t flag it because it isn’t bad/inappropriate.

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I think there was a announcement that empty maps will be removed so just wait a little bit.

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Yeah maybe soon.

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hey can i be a member of FOP??

What is fop?

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They don’t let people do that. It will be reported and removed.

Also, this post is off-topic for the forums.

And yes, empty maps are removed.


Just make a solution and move on so this doesn’t get flagged.

@Coolerthancoolest can i just say you solved?


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