Why did my photo show this?

When I put a photo for my one way out 2 it shows this.

Custom image uploads aren’t currently supported (I’m assuming that’s what you used), but there are some images from Gimkit’s already-existing games that are available for use: https://docs.creative.gimkit.com/building/devices/limits/custom-images

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Thank you it works, but how about a evil plant in my picture how do you do that?

I don’t think there’s an evil plant icon available, but you could use another image that relates to the plant - items/Wooden Wand, for example.

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But when I play one way out it show that eveil plant.

Yeah… there are a lot of features that are in regular Gimkit games but aren’t added to Gimkit Creative yet. There are still more things that are being added (for reference, here’s the changelog), so hopefully we’ll be able to add more images soon :]

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because it’s not a gimkit-based image