Why did my game crash

So I was making my bedwars map and I was wiring things really fast and then the game stopped working and it started to turn kinda like this

I couldn’t get a picture because I was in full screen and It didn’t let me un-full screen and now I have to re log in because it kicked me out so it has to do something with the game because it logged me out and this has happened many times to me before and my game didn’t save my progress :frowning: so now I have to remake the ENTIRE THING

It literally says vector stock on it. You got the pic on the internet

That looks like a CPU issue, try restarting your device and let it sit for 15 minutes, then boot it back up and rehost then try it again.

yes it is from the internet did you not read?

That is the problem, also,

That does not show up on Gimkit

did you read the description
I couldn’t take a pic and it sorta turned glitchy

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LOL, very funny, but if it was real it would be a CPU issue. Please don’t post trolls, next time I will flag it and it may already be flagged. It waste our time and serves no purpose, so don’t do it.

Ah, I see. I expect it is a computer issue, not Gimkit bug, as it kicked you off the site completely.

Yes, you got the pic on the internet, but you could have cropped it

As I Said!

I don’t have access to crop


Then screen shot what you can see.

Did you mean to reply to me, or the op?

READ THE DESCRIPTION I said it didn’t let me un full screen

the op

So you can’t screen shot on non full screen?

It is not a Gimkit problem. You have a virus of some kind.

not on my computer no

Then a problem on whatever device you ARE using. Please mark a solution and move on/